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50 Surprising Ways to Promote Your Book!

Authors! There is only one way...and that is UPWAYS!!!

The ball is in your court. Empower yourself to see this happen!

Does your Book have Film Potential? Learn more about film pitching presentations! Then find an Agent to represent you :)

The Harsh realities of publishing and promoting your books! Become a Hercule Poirot in action and do your research! 

The Seven Best Online Book Clubs to Join!

Looking for a way to make a Kill with book sales?

15 Instagram Book Promotion Ideas from Publishers

We suggest you take this Advise to Heart based on a 'Tried and True!'

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Blog Alert: How to write a promotable book

Dear Emerantia

As a valued connection, I wanted to share with you my biggest blog post of the year. read it, enjoy it, and feel free to share it.

Making Your Book Promotable – Before It Is Published  

Best wishes,

Brian Feinblum, CMO

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